Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


08:30 AM Chapel 'What Is A Man Profited?' (Matthew 16:26) Donnie Vick
09:00 AM Why Go Ye Means Go Me Keith Mosher
10:00 AM What Must I Do To Be Saved? Mark Lindley
11:00 AM You Never Mentioned Him To Me David Prophater
Class The 'Action' Of Evangelism Wade Webster
1:30 PM Evangelism: Quality Or Quantity Kevin Moore
2:30 PM Priscilla And Aquilla: Partners In Evangelism Herb Alsup
Class Evangelism And Apologetics Kyle Butt
3:30 PM Truth For The World Skip Andrews
3:50 PM Starting A New Congregation Jeff Collet
7:00 PM 'Burning Up The Woods' B. J. Clarke





















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