Son's-in-Law of Lot -  Genesis 19:12-14

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Genesis 19:12-14



And the men said unto Lot, Hast thou here any besides? son in law, and thy sons, and thy daughters, and whatsoever thou hast in the city, bring them out of this place:


For we will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the LORD; and the LORD hath sent us to destroy it.


And Lot went out, and spake unto his sons in law, which married his daughters, and said, Up, get you out of this place; for the LORD will destroy this city. But he seemed as one that mocked unto his sons in law.


Are you like the Son's-in-law or are you heeding the warning? Are You Saved?


-- Don Treadway, April 2010 --


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