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Biblical Faith - Hebrews 11:1

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Purpose: Understand the different ways that the word "faith" is used in the Bible, what it means, and how it is obtained.



1. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God.

A. Yet many do not even know what this word means.

B. We should all know about this important topic.

2. In order to understand what biblical faith is, one must first understand a few things.

3. Let us look at:

A. What is Biblical Faith?

B. How does biblical faith come?

C. What is the function of faith?



I.   What is Biblical Faith?

A. Personal Belief (Matthew 13:10,13).  Faith = belief.

1. Explain the meaning of Hebrews 11:1.

a. "Substance" = under support or undergirding.

b. Our faith is one of the greatest evidences that God and heaven exist.

2. As Christians, we do not have to actually see something with our eyes to know that it exists (2 Corinthians 4:18).

3. This does not mean that we blindly accept certain facts without any evidence.

4. Could be defined as: "a firm unshaken confidence, conviction, or belief in the truth of a proposition, based upon testimony concerning it.

B. The Bible also uses the word "faith" to denote the system of faith.

1. Galatians 1:23; Paul had preached the faith.

2. Jude 3; Jude encouraged those to whom he wrote to earnestly contend for the faith.

3. Romans 1:5; Paul said that we could be obedient to the faith.


II.  How does faith come?

A. Romans 10:14-17.

1. Notice that they could not believe in him of whom they had not heard.

2. This passage sets out for us, how one obtains faith: hear and then believe.

B. Jesus said that faith would come through the Apostle's word (John 17:20).

C. The day of Pentecost.

1. Acts 2:37.

2. They heard.  Not "they felt."

3. They had been pricked with the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17).

D. Acts 8:12.  Philip preached and then they believed.

E. God will not miraculously give anyone faith.

1. This is Calvinism.  Direct operation on man's spirit.

2. Explain Ephesians 2:8-9.

3. God will give us faith like he gives us our daily bread, we have to work for it.

4. One cannot pray for faith.  Paul tried to do this and he was told to get up and be baptized (Acts 22:16).

5. 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.  This is talking about miraculous faith.  Titus 1:4; common vs. uncommon faith.

F. The Devil knows how one receives faith (Luke 8:11-12).

G. There has never been a Christian where the word has not gone (Romans 10:17).


III. What is the function of faith?

A. It induces the performance of every act of acceptable obedience to God.

1. Notice that I said "acceptable obedience."

2. Some people do things for God that he does not accept (Matthew 7:21-24).

B. If one's faith in God does not encourage him to act in obedience to God, then it is not biblical faith (James 2:14-16).

1. Verse 14; can faith save him?

2. Verse 17; faith without works is dead being alone.

3. Verse 18; we show our faith by our works.

4. Verse 19; even the devils have faith.

5. Verse 20; but acting on that faith is what makes the difference.

6. Verses 21-23; Abraham would not have had biblical faith if he did not act in obedience.

7. Verse 24; man is justified by works and not by faith alone.

8. Verse 26; faith without works is dead.

C. Notice that we must obey from the heart (Romans 6:17-18).

1. We obey from the heart and then we mature as a Christian.

2. If the heart is not in religion, it is vain.  Intellect, will, emotions, conscience (1 Corinthians 13:1-3).

3. 2 Corinthians 9:7; God wants us to purpose in our heart to give.

a. He doesn't need our money.

b. He commands this for our own good.



1. Do you have Biblical Faith?

2. This faith comes from hearing the word of God preached.

3. Not from some feeling deep down in your heart.

4. If you're sitting there waiting on some feeling to tell you to come forward, you'll be waiting for a while.

5. Whether or not you want to have biblical faith is up to you.  Will you obey?

6. It's a simple choice.  Please see Plan of Salvation.


-- Ralph Price - February 2000--


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