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I'm Just So Proud To Be Here! - Psalm 122:1

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1. Sarah Ophelia Colley was born on October 25, 1912 in Centerville, Tennessee... Over time, Sarah created a character whom she named Minnie Pearl.  Whenever she would go out on stage, Minnie would say, "How-dee!!!! Iím just so proud to be here!"

2. What a wonderful way to start a show!

3. Everyone knew, from the very beginning of the show, that Minnie was glad to be in their presence

4. Can we say the same when we come to the worship assembly?

5. Are we glad to be here? David looked forward to worship - Psalm 122:1

6. Sometimes, standing up here looking out among you, I wonder how happy some of you are to be here

7. If you are not glad to be here, maybe youíre coming for the wrong reason

8. When we are here for the right reasons, worship ought to bring great joy to our hearts

9. Today, letís notice:

a. Some wrong reasons for being here

b. The right reasons for being here




A. Coming to be entertained.

1. If youíre coming just to have a good time, youíre probably regret it

2. The "Church of Whatís Happening" is always going to do better at entertaining than we are

3. Our worship services are not designed by man but by God

4. Our worship services are not designed for the purpose of pleasing man, but God

5. Abraham certainly was not entertained by his worship - Genesis 22:5

6. Job did not worship for entertainment - Job 1:20-21

7. This is not to say that the Christian derives no joy from worship

a) Certainly, we do

b) But we derive that joy by knowing that we are obeying God

B. Coming to be impressed

1. If youíre coming looking for a grand spectacle, youíre going to be disappointed

a) We have no glorious choirs but sing to one another

b) We have no gilded organ playing beautiful music - just beautiful voices raised to God in song

c) We have no ornate costumes or robes - Our costume is Christ as we have put Him on in baptism

d) We burn no incense but offer our prayers and lives up to God as a sweet smelling aroma

2. If you want to be impressed with pageantry and worldly tradition, the Catholic church will always do that better than us

3. You see, our worship is in the simplicity and humility which Christ desires - 2 Corinthians 11:3

C. Coming to "Punch your ticket"

1. If youíre just coming to "punch your ticket" you definitely are not going to be glad youíre here

a) Some just come because they know that they are supposed to

b) They donít WANT to but they feel that they HAVE to

c) They feel that they have to in order to please God and man

2. They sing the songs but they donít listen to the words

3. They bow their heads during the prayers

4. They put some money in the collection plate

5. Because they HAVE to

6. Let there be no misunderstanding; Worship is an obligation to a Christian

7. However, if this is the ONLY reason youíre here, youíre going to be miserable

D. If you are here for one of these reasons, you probably are not too glad that you are here


II. RIGHT REASONS - Isaiah 6:1-8

A. Come to worship your Creator

1. Isaiah was given a vision of God!

2. The number one reason to come to worship is to please God! (An UPWARD look)

3. God seeks true worshippers to worship Him - John 4:23-24; Revelation 4:9-11

5. What more could God do for us to show His worthiness?

6. If you are here today to worship your Creator in spirit and in truth, youíll be glad you came

B. Come to examine and improve yourself

1. When Isaiah saw the vision of God, he felt unworthy to be in His presence. (An INWARD look)

2. Part of the purpose of worship is to help us to examine ourselves and make corrections where necessary

3. We do this when we take the Lordís supper - 1 Corinthians 11:27-28

4. We do this when we sing - Colossians 3:16

a) Angry Words...

b) Tempted and tried...

c) I Surrender All...

5. We do this when we hear a message from the Word of God - 2 Timothy 4:2; 2 Timothy 3:16-17

6. If you have come here today to learn and improve yourself, you wonít be disappointed

C. Come to help and encourage others

1. Isaiah wanted to go out and preach the word of God to his brethren (An OUTWARD look)

2. Stir each other up to good works - Hebrews 10:24-25

3. A poem by J. Randal Matheny:

Your normal place at church last Sunday was bare,

Your smile cheered no one in the needy throng;

Your voice said no amen at the end of prayer,

And none were edified by your lilting song -

Our souls are poorer since you were not there.

A sad reminder is this empty pew;

Your brethren and your God are missing you.

4. Teach and admonish each other in song - Colossians 3:16

5. If you have come to try to encourage your brethren, youíll be glad youíre here



1. Worship ought to be the highlight of your week

2. What a tragedy it is that there are so many who feel like worship is a waste of time

3. The preacher cannot make worship meaningful to you

4. You must make it meaningful by coming for the right reasons

5. Are you serving the risen Savior?  Have you chosen to accept His Salvation His way?  Are You Saved?


-- Ralph Price at Streetsboro, April, 2011 --


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